VRAI: Next-Gen

Guard Dog Cybersecurity

Privatize your ID and optimize your device performance.

Based on CrwdWorld Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange (CRWD).

Internet of things (IoT), smartphones, Wi-Fi contour, and network perimeter protection with its Armor and Guard Dog programs. 

Excellent Cyber Security and ID Cyber Protection.

Your Trusted Agent in Untrusted World.

Introducing VRAI Anyware: NexGen AI Protection against Increasingly Sophisticated Threats

Why You Need VRAI Anyware? Human Identity is not Secure!

Global losses to cybersecurity breaches amount to $10 trillion because the Human Identity is not secure. The world is lacking 4 million cybersecurity professionals.

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As smart devices use soars, so does the risk of being watched, tracked and hacked.

Users are accustomed to using antiquated cybersecurity software programs which are far from effective at protecting against the vulnerabilities of Surveillance Capitalism and the Internet of Things (IoT).


VRAI is a state-of-the-art cyber security system that provides an unparalleled device and network security 24/7 for consumers, and small and mid-size businesses. This protection and privacy Suite includes network and IoT device protection from guardDog, which won "Best Cyber Analytics Solution," "Best Threat Intelligence Solution," and "Best Vulnerability Management Solution" in 2021 AST Homeland Security Award.

VRAI Technology (French adjective; true, trust) dwarfs its competitors with its holistic approach and is sealed with TRUST by providing the end-user with a unique Decentralized ID (DID). VRAI is exclusively found on CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange Cyber Privacy Marketplace (CPM) as it is the World’s first distributed commerce platform built to leverage Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Compaction, and its own NexGen Blockchain.

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VRAI technology is different.

What VRAI users say.

"Most people live in the illusion they are protected. They aren’t. The digital world has compounded immensely since the first anti-virus software has come out. It’s not just viruses on computers we have to worry about now. It’s smart devices, smart fridges, smart printers, and smartphones and that means tons more devices vulnerable to hacking via WiFi connection points. Not to mention all the antivirus programs on the market helps you out with ONE device. Whereas VRAI is protecting several. It costs more because it IS more. A Decentralized ID (DID) is included in all of this. This should not be sold as anti-virus software. This is the digital equivalent of a home security system that also has anti-virus capabilities".

( VRAI user Hunter Carrithers, RegEn Ag. Blockchain).

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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite Consumers and Small and Midsize Businesses with this award-winning suite that Privatizes your Personal Data, 

Protects your Devices and Networks all while Optimizing computer Speed and Performance.

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Protect your Devices and Network at Home.

You have smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, game consoles, fitness trackers, and possibly smart appliances too. It’s common for these devices, and the networks they are connected with, to have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Our automated detection and protection. Our automated detection and protection expose these threats and shut them down. 

Business Network Security. Protect Network and Devices.

Small to medium-sized businesses of every kind are under threat. Retail, professional services, and industries across the board have reported increases in cyber-attacks. 75% of businesses don’t have cybersecurity personnel. Our solution offers automatic and cost-effective protection for networks and devices to keep businesses safe.

Enterprise Network Security. Automatic

Detection and Protection Against Emerging Risks for Distributed Organisations.

Changes in the computing landscape require us to rethink our approach to enterprise cybersecurity. Our autonomous detection and response technology adds a new layer of protection to your existing networks and devices, while also providing a capability for managing unsecured locations, such as remote employee home networks.

What Makes GuardDog the Best Cybersecurity Solution?

We are making cybersecurity automatic. From the moment you plug in your network security device Fido, our cloud-based protective services go to work on your behalf. We offer a standard version for homes or single locations, and a distributed version for businesses or enterprises with multiple locations, employees, and networks.

Initiate VRAI by making your ID private and be confident your identity is secure on the CRWD Blockchain. With its Armor and Guard Dog program, it protects the Internet of Things (IoT), smartphones, Wi-Fi contours, and network perimeters. For your perimeter protection, you will be receiving a physical small device in the mail called Fido. This is your guardDog network perimeter protection. VRAI mitigates vulnerabilities before an attacker can gain access to your system.

What does VRAI provide?


VRAI keeps your personal life information private to you. You decide what to share and when.  Our Blockchain and IPFS Technology are combined to deliver a Decentralized ID for Privacy.


Our technology is returning

your device to out-of-the-box Performance Levels.

It uses proprietary

compaction technology to maximize device storage



VRAI prevents ransomware, Trojans, malware, and viruses from getting on or reading your devices. It provides online and offline cybersecurity and secures Wi-Fi and wired networks. It constantly evolves to maintain this protection.

24/7 tech assistance

through the chat feature. Easy for non-technical users to install, use, and manage.

Little to no performance impact on your devices.




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